Skywalker Balloon Company – “It’s like taking a walk in the sky” – was founded 1996 by Wilhelm “Will” Drummer. Will is a native of Vienna, Austria and visited friends in Utah in 1994. Stunned by Utah’s beauty and the friendly people he decided to give up his corporate job and become a hot air balloon pilot. Simply because it is the most memorable way to experience Utah’s fantastic places.

Will has well over 2500 flights logged, most of them in Park City, Utah

Will’s passion and dedication is unsurpassed. He left his home country Austria, left family and friends behind and moved to Utah for the sole purpose of showing you how amazing Utah and ballooning is. After 27 years of flying, every single day is still a new adventure that puts a smile on his face and yours. Will loves to fly and has dedicated his life to provide you with the most intense, memorable, and safest way to experience this wonderful way of being airborne – WE ARE DREAMS OF FLYING!